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Craft Your MMO Character Name the Easy Way

MMO Character Name Can Be a Wrestle

I’ve been enjoying a lot of MMO’s of late and observed a couple of things from observing other players. Every time I provide you with a very good MMO character identify it seems to be taken. This is sensible, as any true MMO nerd can be a ‘day one’ sort. In consequence, lame character names are all over the place. Why is it that someone will spend hours crafting a personality (and choosing an outfit!), yet settle after numerous tries with “Superman3344556678“? Don’t hand over just because your first few concepts didn’t work in the MMO! That is your character and your creativity. Don’t half craft one thing you will ultimately be ashamed of.

I’ll start through the use of character naming conventions for DC Universe for instance, then go into specific concepts of how one can residence your MMO character identify.  You’ll be able to take these character naming concepts/patterns and translate them to any RPG/MMO. Just change the phrases to something associated to the recreation in query. The overarching concept is that will help you end quicker, insert some of your character, probably be a bit snarky, tackle our viewers (other nerds!) and be descriptive of what our character is and does. This last part is why planning is necessary in character naming. Given the selection between leading or following, wouldn’t you moderately blaze your personal path?

DC Character Names – A Lesson in How NOT to Name Your Character

Comic ebook names (and lots of video game names) are already a bit boring. Some examples? Superman: a powered up dude, descriptive, a guy with powers. Droll, primary stuff though. The Joker: Humorous, play tips, a wildcard. A bit better. Still not artistic. Spiderman? Gimme a break! Yeah, a mix of spider and man, descriptive… however YAWN. Lame identify. A character identify like Dr. Strange sounds okay at first blush, nevertheless it doesn’t essentially inform you much. It seems like he’s some weird dude with a PhD. But what qualifies as “strange”, precisely?

Antman? Don’t knock me down with the creativity! A tiny munchkin character needs a artistic identify like Punchkin or Crunchkin.

MMO character names don’t have to be difficult, troublesome, or irritating.  Attempt changing the spelling or part of a standard identify to denote which means.  For Antman, it might be greatest if we simply begin with one thing that’s already very small. Photon may turn into Foeton by changing spelling, swapping a phonetically comparable word, and made villainous by way of “foe.” We will additionally simply alter a phrase slightly, like Lily Putian, where it’s simply a small woman named Lily, with plant powers. (Y for I in lilliputian). Listed here are a couple of further tiny character concept/instance names utilizing these methods: Dominutive. Himfinitesimal. Nanowhale. Micro-Copic. MyNewt. Slynesscule. All based mostly in the small.

How one can Select your MMO Character Name

So, how can we identify a RPG/MMO character better? Contemplate that if you’ll do this, you’ll have to get artistic.  Contemplate an inventory of MMO character names prior to character creation (or go well with design).  You’ll be able to also have a pre-made record of names. The MMO gained’t present an inventory of what’s already gone. By choosing character names early in the course of, you will have the advantage understanding the eventual vacation spot of your character as an alternative of leaving it all to luck or probability.

Begin with a Basic Concept

Character naming doesn’t have to be troublesome or irritating. You simply need ways to get the artistic thoughts going. Begin with a phrase search, decide one thing meaningful, then discover words that rhyme with it. Then seek for what may match from the results. Swap a letter or word out.

Mix Words

The simplest solution to create a singular MMO character identify is just to mix two or three phrases, like Star and Blast. Add a Mr, Captain, Sgt., or Doctor and also you’re principally carried out. If  you’re really decided to have a reputation like Fate in your character, attempt an altered spelling, like Phate. This is in any case, what most of those concepts boil right down to – changing spelling, protecting the rhythm and rhyme, but swapping a phrase or letter that describes character with the one which was eliminated.

If none of these go well with you, attempt putting two phrases collectively.  Mordred, for instance, can be crafted from More+dread. The phrases you choose really matter and outcomes are combined then the first technique. It’s somewhat delicate, so some individuals won’t get it.

The simplest path then is to mix two or three present phrases together to make a brand new, custom-made word: Begin with a reputation or phrase that we all know, and work from there. The difference here is what phrases you select that you will mix, and how. Utilizing a two or three syllable phrase, swap a phrase portion to make a new word (make one phrase match our character talents, like laser, bomb, crash, punch, magic, and so forth.) Here is an instance of what I mean: Intewrecktual: Apart from having mental powers, probably a psyche case ready for the ward, and really possible a villain. However who is aware of, perhaps she recovered from villainy and went all hero. Fascinating backstory…

Utilizing this easy technique you possibly can simply provide you with new phrases, corresponding to: Mentalray, Botamaton, Kongtrol, Poundroid, Mowthority, Smashtery, Clobination,  Slaybar,  Hateball, and so on. All are based mostly on other words, swapped and respelled. Implausible turns into Blamtastic, Slamtastic, Cramtastic, and so forth. None great, however good begins. Psy-crow is a superb instance (from Earthworm Jim animated show/recreation). Two mixed present words may sound like: Slammoth (Slam+Moth, also can swap Mam from Mammoth), Himmense (add H to Immense), Shenormous (add Sh to Monumental), Coalossal (Add A into word), Manumental (A for O in Monumental), Mantastic (from Incredible and Man). Add some typical nuance to finish it and you would may get: Capt. Mantastic. So, yeah, you could be critical, or just have enjoyable with it.

A woman with hearth powers is perhaps Charcole, swapping “cole” for “coal.” Nonetheless, take discover of Mordred’s spelling for the finer points of not being too obvious. You want your identify to be meaningful, however not cheesy.

Attempt Spelling, Letter Swapping, or Eradicating a Letter

Simply changing around the letters of a phrase might offer you an MMO character identify that you simply love.  Foetron (from Photon) is sweet. Bombinance (from Dominance), Fateball (from Eightball), and so forth.

Another method is to swap or get rid of only a single letter: Irrationa, Arachna, Cognitiv, Serebra, and so forth. Pretty simple.

Go With What You Know

Modify your identify for a hero or villain that you simply already know, and riff off of their identify: Crainiac, Fragneto, Mighty Louse, Revenger, and so forth. It has some potential in case you work at it.

You can too do it with famous merchandise that individuals are already conversant in, like Rayovac (which spawned my character Rayosmack; read – battery powered ray crackling). Amway becomes Slamway, and so on.

So, this can be a good time to convey up one other key level: A name needs to be catchy yet in line with the characters talents to advertise legitimacy.
Mighty Mouse is catchy, and describes a troublesome, powerful little rodent. “Catchiness” in some methods must be like a band identify. Many bands begin a career with long, difficult names, and audiences shorten those names down to only the catchy facet. Catchy is the key point right here, as a result of it’s memorable. Think of Yogi Bear. If it’s a catchy identify, it sticks, as a result of you’ll keep in mind it.

A villain, regardless of how evil, who lacks catchy character naming gets misplaced to the crowd. Think of the good ones: Poison Ivy, Mystique, Physician Octopus, Apocalypse, Galactus, and Magneto. An excellent identify is half the character and admittedly it is a truthful portion of why you need to copy your favorite hero. It isn’t simply costume or talents. The MMO character identify says lots.


Rhyming is a key component here. To make a brand new hero/villain’s identify feel clever and catchy, we need to exchange the word portion with one other phrase that is descriptive, but particularly should rhyme, with the word we are replacing it with, and thus matches and sounds quite intelligent.

Affect turns into Himfluence. Not an ideal rhyme, however close enough to make a character identify that sounds ready for primetime, and (in this case) points out probable psychological or magic powers.

Exchange Phrases Meaningfully

Solely use alternative phrases that describe your character:

Rayosmack was derived from the battery, Rayovac. However the point was battery powered smacking rays. Himfluence was derived from Affect, and is a male with psychological powers. This identify might be learn various different ways. As influencing, probably spiritual, or as fluent in something.

Assume About Which means

A facet to concentrate to right here relating to the creation of an MMO character identify is consideration. Arcanus or Arcania might certainly be masculine & female takes on the word Arcane, but each sound an excessive amount of like cities, not individuals. So, take into consideration character naming, write concepts down. Don’t use too many syllables in the identify (three max) or overly lengthy joined phrases, like Capt. BurningStarblast. Individuals will probably tire of saying or writing it, and you’ll then be informally recognized merely as “Cap” or “Star”, and so on.  The last facet of character creation is that the identify should fit and ideally, describe your character a bit for consistency.

When creating a terrific character,  contemplate the stream of  the character naming, that’s: how it rolls off the tongue. Too many syllables or words and he/she is gonna get identified with different complicated phrases. This final facet could be also referred to as memorable simplicity.

Your Character is Ready!

So, after you have a superb MMO character identify, flesh out your character concept, choose powers and character that fits. Craft a fancy dress that is constant and colors that go well with the character, like pink for excitable, blue for loyal, and so forth. You possibly can all the time lookup a psychology of shade chart (by way of google or Bing photographs) for more detailed info. Consider all the elements as parts that need to suit together and then describe, by, utilizing ideas above. After character naming, hopefully you’ll have crafted and completed a strong, consistent, and likeable sounding character. Because all of the above add up to attraction.

Nicely, that about sums it up. Class dismissed.

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