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Hidden Gem: ‘Guide for Two Old Crocks with a Kid on a Hot, Crowded Day at Disneyland’

Despite the fact that Van Arsdale France retired from the Walt Disney Company in 1978 and handed away in 1999, his affect on the company continues to be being felt in the present day.

Every week doesn’t go by the place Van’s worker coaching philosophies don’t immediately contact new Disney hires, be they fledgling forged members in the parks or even newbies at The Disney Retailer.

Van France and Estelle Webb pose for a photograph within the 1990s. [Courtesy of Susan Fields]

France was hired by Walt Disney in March 1955 to set up a coaching program for Disneyland’s incoming staff. He established Disneyland University, the place he taught new concepts in visitor service.

His training strategies have been ahead of their time and have been copied by many main corporations to today. Through the years, Disneyland College advanced into what’s as we speak’s Traditions coaching program, which is a required course of research for each incoming Disney forged member.

Van France at his desk at Disneyland in the 1970s. [The Walt Disney Company]When he began, Van’s “office” was situated in a renovated home situated on the outskirts of the Disneyland property. To turn the house into a useful coaching middle, Disney carpenters came in, knocked down a few partitions to create area and painted the exterior white… and thus the coaching middle turned referred to as The White House.

Following his retirement, Van turned an writer of no small reputation. His Window on Principal Road was a seminal work, delving into his legendary profession as properly telling the behind-the-scenes story of Disneyland’s creation.

It was released in 1991, however was out of print a few years later. Because of the efforts of Theme Park Press and a number of other other people who knew and liked Van, Window on Primary Road was re-released a few years in the past, greater and higher than ever.

Writing was second nature to Van. “He wrote all the time,” stated Susan Webb Fields, the daughter of Van’s long-time companion, Estelle [Stel] Webb.

Amongst Van’s literary works was a really exceptional and endearing essay he wrote after a journey to Disneyland in 1992, which included himself, Stel and Susan’s then-Three-year-old daughter Stacey, who performed a outstanding position in what Van referred to as “Guide for Two Old Crocks with a Kid on a Hot, Crowded Day at Disneyland.”

Van and Estelle pose for a photograph in their residence. [Courtesy of Susan Fields]“I love ‘Guide for Two Old Crocks,’” Susan stated lately. “The 3-year-old is my almost 30-year-old daughter, Stacey.  And, as Van predicted, she grew up and did not stay 3 forever! The story is timeless and needs to be shared.”

Right here, then, the story of Grandpa Van, Gramma Stel and Stacey’s journey to Disneyland in 1992:


Image this: Two aged – quite elderly – grandparents have a granddaughter, Stacey, age Three, to feed, shelter and entertain over a three-day weekend.

It is Saturday, August 15, 1992. You could ask why that date is necessary. First, it is one in every of Disneyland’s largest Saturdays of the summer time season. Second, it is likely one of the hottest days in a number of Southern California years.

Now at age 3, one can’t anticipate Stacey to have an in depth vocabulary, but she is aware of the phrase DISNEYLAND… and needs to go there.

What do loving grandparents do? They take her, in fact… risking dying by heat exhaustion and smog-filled air.

Sleeping Beauty Citadel at Disneyland is the centerpiece of Fantasyland, and one of the recognizable buildings on the earth … even to a Three-year-old. (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

The median age for our threesome, including Stacey’s Three.1 years, was 75.6 years. This was hardly your typical group envisaged by Walt Disney when he planned Disneyland for “family entertainment.”

One can see a vast variety of “family groups” at Disneyland … representing an infinite variety of mixtures of individuals and household relationships.

Our group worked out very nicely. We had a grand time … just as Walt Disney had deliberate. Since there could also be other aged people with grandkids nonetheless in the “stroller set,” I’m joyful to share with them, at no cost, our plan, which I call “Guide for Two Old Crocks with a Kid on a Hot, Crowded Day at Disneyland.”

Plan for the fatigue factor

The power degree of a Three-year-old and two previous crocks is about the same. Once we get tired, we get “cranky.”

Youngsters cry and Grandpas gripe. Ours was a three-hour plan, which might get us out earlier than “crabby time” [Stacey’s expression] and get us residence in time for lunch and a nap.

Getting in

Although strollers might be rented at the primary entrance, we took Stacey’s. This protects time … and a few cash.

At age Three, Stacey will get in free. She still has 11 months to go, but if a kid is small, one may stretch this a bit. Who can inform the difference between Three.eight and four.1? Can anyone ask to see a driver’s license?

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse welcome guests to Disneyland. (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland)

Selecting characters

Characters greeted us at City Square. We found Stacey beloved Minnie Mouse … and managed a hug and a picture with that charming and pleasant character.

Though she has seen the video of Magnificence and the Beast many occasions, we found that she has her own preferences. In her words, “The Beast scares me.”

Perhaps, for a small tot, the Beast is simply too massive … a matter of measurement, relatively than character.

Free from thrill rides

There were already long strains at the popular thrill rides. Absolutely no drawback. If threatened with a gun, you couldn’t get Gramma on the Matterhorn, Massive Thunder, Area Mountain, Star Excursions or Splash Mountain.

This was a good slot in our planning, since Stacey is just too brief for any of those points of interest. This was an automated saving of our restricted time.

The “fascination” issue

So, we didn’t should line up for a 45-minute wait at the Matterhorn, in the blazing solar, but we had another drawback with out time schedule.

We stopped to hear the Important Road Bachelors and Stacey was fascinated. We couldn’t transfer her and may need been there all day in the event that they hadn’t finally finished their gig.

Stopping for the swans

Though they could be recorded on some payroll, the swans at the Fort Moat proved to be another key attraction. As soon as once more, Stacey was fascinated.

A “wait reduction” plan that worked

To cram probably the most happiness into the shortest time, we adopted a “wait reduction” plan to scale back any time in strains.

Whereas other points of interest in Fantasyland already had strains, the wait for the Carousel was only about five minutes. Stacey loves these fantastic horses, and – let’s be trustworthy – Gramps and Gramma share her enthusiasm.

After our first journey, we heard [and not for the last time]: “Let’s do it again!” … so we obtained off and back on with a second go-round on the horsies.

Ducking Dumbo

This attraction introduced a drawback which required a bit of deviousness by Stacey’s older guides. She noticed those fantastic elephants flying round and needed to fly with them. Unfortunately, this is a “low capacity” attraction and the line would have used up about 45 minutes. I’ll confess, we have been a bit sneaky.

We used a “distraction technique” by saying “We’ll try to come back after we go on Small World,” which is her favorite. She agreed to our suggestion.

The “it’s a small world” attraction at Disneyland. (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland)

“it’s a small world”

I’ve heard that this nice attraction known as a “high capacity” show, taking about 2,400 individuals an hour. It took no more than 5 minutes to be seated on a boat – and we even loved the “clock of the world” while we moved alongside the line.

Stacey had been on this attraction earlier than, however after the primary journey, we once once more heard “Let’s do it again!” We acquired off, loved the topiary crops, and have been soon back on a boat.

This was no drawback for Gramma, and as for Grampa, I’ve beloved that attraction since I first skilled it at the New York World’s Truthful in 1964.

It has improved with age. Simply in the final yr, it seemed to me there were new bits of showmanship. I all the time see something new, even after perhaps 100 journeys.

Didn’t move the PeopleMover

Our plan was to avoid Dumbo on our method back to Fundamental Road. Kiddies and Grampas have one thing in widespread: A short memory. “Out of sight, out of mind” worked in avoiding the Dumbo line.

We have been on schedule, though getting near “grumpy time.” I should mention that I like the PeopleMover in Tomorrowland. It is fascinating … and a restful foot-saver. Neither Gramma nor Stacey had ever experienced the experience and agreed to provide it a attempt.

Was this a bore for Stacey? Not a bit. She favored the trip … but much more appreciated those escalators and the peak from the bottom. As soon as once more, we heard “Let’s do it again!” and we did, yet one more time.

The Major Road station gives the first point of entry for those who wish to take in the scenery on a grand circuit tour of Disneyland Park aboard one of many trains of the Disneyland Railroad. (Scott Brinegar/Disneyland)

All around the park … by practice

We’d rested on the PeopleMover and now, on the best way out, I’d mentioned the dinosaurs one might see while on the practice.

A reminder: Never mention some attraction should you aren’t going to comply with by way of. Three-year-olds keep in mind – and maintain you to it. We had a three-minute wait before we boarded the practice.

Although the practice is among the first of the 1955 Disneyland points of interest, it’s getting higher with time. It is an “all-age” attraction, except maybe for teen-agers who love the joys rides.

And, it had a nice dinosaur battle lengthy earlier than these prehistoric animals turned fashionable with Stacey and her brother.

We took one trip. I discovered that the “burning cabin” show had been changed, that settlers hadn’t been killed by Indians, however was the results of a careless smoker or something.

The journey was fascinating, and for the Grampies … a “sit-down” journey, which is kind of an oxymoron. As soon as once more, Stacey stated “Let’s do it again!” … so we sat and went around again.

When Walt Disney was planning Disneyland, he checked many museums, where he complained about getting “museum feet.”

The important thing to our plan was to keep away from fatigue, which might end in a cranky child or a griping grampa. Should you’ve by no means seen older people wanting haggard and drawn with youngsters crying or handed out in strollers, you’ve never been to Disneyland.

When it came time to seek out our automotive within the parking zone, we didn’t get tears or “I don’t want to go.” We had stretched our three hours to about 3½, but we left comfortable. We had a fantastic time … created some reminiscences which can final ceaselessly.

We’d spent extra time sitting than walking or waiting. We had questioned about utilizing the stroller, however we’re glad we did. Stacey might get out and in with ease.

A letter Van wrote to a former Disneyland colleague after his trip to the park in 1992 with Stel and Stacey. [Courtesy of Susan Fields]And the popcorn! This is the best. In her stroller with popcorn and Coca-Cola, she seemed just like the queen of Disneyland.

I’ve learn that the music “It’s a Small World” is performed 365,000 occasions a yr at Disneyland. You possibly can add at least 5 extra occasions that our threesome sang that catchy tune on our method down the freeways … to lunch and a nap.

It was a memorable day, though it left us with a touch of unhappiness. Stacey goes to grow up and gained’t be Three perpetually. Rattling!

Fond reminiscences of Disneyland trips

Stacey Fields has fond reminiscences of her trips with Grampa and Gramma to Disneyland. “I liked them as in the event that they have been second mother and father! They imply the world to me!

“Although I was very young and my reminiscence isn’t the greatest, what I do keep in mind is having so much unbelievable enjoyable and meeting Jasmine, Belle and Minnie.

Stacey Fields admits to nonetheless be afraid of The Beast from “Beauty and the Beast” fame. [The Walt Disney Company]“I do have one story I recall. Once I was going to satisfy Belle, my grandma informed me to go on up and ask if I can hug her and so I ran up and The Beast received to me first and scared the bejesus outta me and I ran back to my grandma and grandpa crying!

“He was actually huge and scary to little ole me once I was around 3 or 4. Whereas grandma was comforting me, grandpa apparently went over and kindly asked Belle to return over from The Beast so I might meet her, and she or he did, and I hugged her.

“To this day, costume characters still frighten me a little!”

[Our because of Susan Fields and her daughter Stacey for their help with this weblog, as well as writer Mike Virgintino, who sent me a copy of “Two Old Crocks” to get the ball rolling. And, in fact, Van France, who penned this charming essay.]

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