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Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S: An Honest Review

Look, let’s be trustworthy with one another. We each know that each product has some kind of gimmick or innovation that’s alleged to set it aside from the competition.

This is pure. I imply, even animals do it. The rhino is unique because it has an enormous horn, and the giraffe is the horse lookalike with the long neck.

Electrical razors are not any totally different. And the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S is the one with the 5 blades. That’s its gimmick. That’s the best way Panasonic engineers separated it from the opposite shavers.

However just because it’s a gimmick doesn’t imply it could’t be useful or can’t do you some good. Take a look at the giraffe. It may eat leaves ten ft off the ground. Can your sister’s pony do this?

Throughout this assessment, I gained’t hold the five-blade gimmick towards Panasonic. That’s my promise to you.

If the five-blade thing works, and I like it, I’ll inform you so. But if for one second I feel you need to save your hard-earned cash and purchase a shaver with fewer blades, I’ll inform you that too.

Under, you’ll discover one heck of an in depth assessment on the Panasonic Arc5. I inform you what’s within the box, what to expect from the product, and the way properly it shaves. I’ll even inform you the way it works a couple of months down the road.

And by the top of this evaluate, you’ll know if this is the shaver for you.

A Look Inside the Field

Only a word before I inform you what’s inside this shaver. The LV95-S is not the highest model in the Panasonic lineup. That moniker goes to the brand new third era mannequin, the LV6A and its many iterations.

But either approach, I nonetheless assume this shaver is value reviewing. It’s had some time off the line and the kinks are worked out.

Truthfully, the most important bummer by far with this Arc5 second era shaver is the packaging. Out of the three important brands Panasonic’s Arc5 is the one that drops the ball.

A lot of the gadgets you get with the Arc5 are respectable. It’s simply the overall design of the field that turns me off. It doesn’t scream leading edge. In truth, the box is like their Arc4 and Arc3 strains. It’s a whimper, and it definitely doesn’t depart me all agog to shave with this thing.

Anyhow, this is what you’ll discover in the box:

  • Shaver
  • Cleansing Station
  • 1X Detergent Pack
  • Charger
  • Plastic Protective Prime
  • Smooth Leather-based Case

Up Close with the Arc5

What the Arc5’s packaging doesn’t do for me, the shaver more than makes up for. It’s a trendy system.

I’ll admit that, sure, it’s all plastic. However so are the upper end Braun and Philips models. The chrome stands out from the first second you maintain it. And it buffs out nicely too when you get some shaves in with it and take a material to the chrome.

The Panasonic ES-LV95-S is lightweight. And if I’m being trustworthy, it’s additionally slightly prime heavy. This isn’t an enormous deal. However maintain it in thoughts as you shave. Should you’re the sort than presses down on the foils, you’ll be urgent even more than with a shaver that’s balanced.

The front-facing show blinks on this retro 80s blue and pink coloring that I feel works properly its futuristic design. And because it’s made in Japan, the plastics all seem high grade. I wouldn’t drop it in the shower. But dealing with it normally across the sink and shower shouldn’t injury it.

The entrance plate’s chrome ends at a seam alongside the edges of the shaver. From there you’ll discover a soft-ish, rubbery plastic material.

I’d choose a totally rubberized grip over this smoother plastic. It has some grip. However I can see these cursed with butterfingers experiencing some close calls.

There’re slices reduce into the underside of the shaver’s handle and the white paint inside these cuts seems to be cool and adds some texture and grip.

Notice on the back of the shaver that there’s are three nodes on the deal with. These are so it may well cost while holstered contained in the Clean and Cost station, which I’ll talk about within the Extras section of my evaluation.

General, the shaver feels strong in my hand. Plus, it’s very snug. The easiest way to carry this shaver should come naturally. You gained’t have to think about it. And in the long run, I feel the consolation issue issues greater than some other.

Shaving with the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S: Get Out the Approach

For all my jabs on the Panasonic Arc5’s build quality, I can’t deny that it delivers a fantastic shave.

The curved, ultra-sharp blades do lots of the work here. One of many key promoting points of the Arc line of electric razors is that the blades and foils are bent on a 30-degree angle.

This is supposed to help the shaver contour to your skin. And principally I feel the arched blades match your pores and skin more than different shavers. I can’t say how rather more, however each move sliced plenty of hair. This shaver gets close. Actual shut.

I haven’t measured the Arc5 in comparison with other premium shavers. Nonetheless, my ballpark guess is that it sports activities the widest head of the bunch.

This isn’t a adverse. Actually, there are plenty of reasons to think about the vast head as a constructive. The additional room it covers in your face means it shaves extra hair per move than the competition.

I examined the shaver both moist and dry. It works great either approach. Additionally, the larger head seems to assist with shave gel or foam management. Some merchandise gunk up as you wet shave and it’s worthwhile to rinse them out mid means.

I never had that drawback with the Arc5. And having the choice to rinse off the blades by popping off the foil after my shave was a welcomed deal with. This is not potential with excessive end Braun and Philips shavers.

The 14,000 cuts per minute (CPM) linear motor sounds tinny, perhaps even just a little hollow. However the shave provides no impression of a weak motor. Honestly, the other seems to be the case.

The battery on this shaver lasted me a mean of seven to 10 days. However the time depends upon how a lot you’re shaving. For those who shave every single day, anticipate to plug within the shaver as soon as every week. It’ll take an hour to cost.

A Take a look at the Additional Bits

Can I be trustworthy with you? I don’t like the included gentle leather-based case. Not even a smidgen. Perhaps this doesn’t matter to you. But to me, a smooth pleather case for a premium electrical razor boggles my mind.

Positive, Panasonic additionally included a protecting cap for the foils. But that doesn’t imply the shaver gained’t be crushed if precariously slipped into a bag throughout a spell of pre-flight forgetfulness. All it means is that when it will get crushed, you’ll also have to select up all of the bits of plastic from the shattered cap.

I agree that it’s better than nothing. But why can’t Panasonic see that every different model has upgraded their instances to hard-shells?

Ranting aside, the rest of the extras that include the Arc5 are literally worthwhile.

The Clear and Charge station is where your extra cash goes over the other Arc5 options, and for most people I feel it could prevent time and unnecessary frustration.

Using the station is straightforward. You just slip the electric razor into place whenever you’re achieved shaving, and the gadget rumbles awake and begins a cleaning cycle. That’s it.

You get one detergent pack within the box. I found it lasted about two months. And that’s throwing the Arc5 on the station every week or two.

Now, for some shoppers, the station will not be crucial. There are those amongst us who like to wash their own tools and devices. They benefit from the mundane process of taking aside their electric razor and washing each part.

And to all of you who’re nodding right now, nice. Perhaps you don’t need the Clear and Cost station. However for the rest of us, we’ll be busy doing watching Recreation of Thrones re-runs.


Though this version of the Arc5 ships with the cleaning station, it’s essential to do a deep clear with the shaver once every few months. Plus, you’ll want to keep the cleansing station.

The Clear and Cost station requires detergent packs. You should purchase a field for an inexpensive worth on Amazon. To maintain the station working long after your buy, you will need to clean out the detergent basin and the cleaning bowl routinely, like once a month.

It’s not plenty of work. I feel it’s slightly ironic though. You purchase a cleaning station to scale back your maintenance on your shaver and you find yourself wanted to wash the station as an alternative.

Also, be certain that to remove the foils from the Arc5 as soon as a month and provides it an excellent rinse. Even utilizing the cleaning station routinely, I discovered some residue construct up on the blades. Over time, that residue can result in oxidization and dulled blades.

Lasting Impression

With a couple of months of utilizing the Arc5 as my principal shaver, what do I feel?

My lasting impression with this gadget is general a great one. The shave high quality continues to be the identical because it was the first day I introduced it residence. And that’s principally because of the nanotech blades and Japanese construct quality.

Initially, I had hassle reaching some spots beneath my nose with the shaver head. It’s simply so darn massive. However with some tugging and angling I figured it out.

The trimmer can seem somewhat feckless. But I used to be asking more of it than Panasonic designed it for. The trimmer works great for lining up your sideburns. And for those who need it for anything extra, corresponding to chopping back body hair, purchase a devoted gadget.

What I Favored Concerning the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S

  • The Arc know-how allows a really close shave in fewer passes than different electrical razors.
  • I feel it’s a really snug shaver to hold and operate day by day.
  • The Cleansing and Charge station cleans and dries the shaver within a couple of hours.
  • Maintaining this shaver is made easier with separate blade and foil elements.
  • A really robust, efficient motor that sips battery life, lasting you every week per charge.
  • As a wet and dry shaver, you need to use it at the sink, in the bathe, and with shave foam.

What I Didn’t Like Concerning the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S

  • Though there’s some grip, I feel Panasonic might’ve added a extra rubberized again plate.
  • Some might find the large shaver head too huge, especially those with smaller features.
  • The shaver is nicely constructed, however it feels lighter and extra fragile than some other brands.

Last Verdict

Now that I’ve inspected every inch of the Arc5 and shaved with it many occasions, do I recommend it? Is the five-blade difference just a useless gimmick?

Personally, I don’t consider it is useless. I admit that there are some faults to the shaver. It’s not good. The handle might be more sturdy, and I feel the large shaving head can hinder performance for some individuals.

However as a premium shaver, the five-blade factor has advantages. It shaves shut and fast. The blades are sharp. They stay clear for a very long time.

I like the motor, too. It’s beefy but delicate and will get by way of my hair even after letting it develop for over three days. This can be a good gimmick. Panasonic’s engineers came up with something that separates this electrical razor from the pack.

I like to recommend the Panasonic ES-LV95-S for anybody on the hunt for a premium shaver. And if it’s on sale, I feel it’s particularly a worthy choice within the aggressive herd that’s the shaving competition.

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