What is the maximum size hard drive for Windows 10

Does Windows 10 Help Bigger Hard Drive? Here Is the Reply

Lately, I discovered plenty of individuals requested the following or comparable query on the web: what is the maximum hard drive size supported by Windows 10

Truly, these individuals misunderstand the concern, because it is not the model of Windows however the partitioning scheme that rules maximum hard disk size. As well as, the maximum size of a hard drive partition will depend on the file system used to format it somewhat than will depend on Windows variations.

Subsequently, disks initialized with the similar partitioning scheme have the similar disk size limit, and partitions with the similar file system have the similar partition size limit, regardless of they’re in Windows 7, Windows eight, Windows 10, or other Windows OS.

Need to know the actual size restrict? Please maintain studying.

  Maximum Hard Disk Size

Like in other Windows working techniques, customers can only use 2TB or 16TB area in Windows 10 regardless of how giant the hard disk is, if they initialize their disk to MBR. Presently, a few of you may ask why there are 2TB and 16TB restrict. To reply this query, let’s start from introducing hard disk sector.

Most of you’d be accustomed to 512 bytes sector, proper?

Conventional hard disks are all the time utilizing 512B sector, but new disks typically make use of 4K sector although most techniques emulate a 4K bodily sector to 8 512B sectors for compatibility, which is the so referred to as 512e.

512e sector

If your MBR disk is utilizing 512B sector or 512e sector, you’ll be able to solely use 2TB area. But when it is employing 4K native sector and your Windows helps such a sectors, you should use 16TB area.

For more details of most of these sectors, please seek advice from Superior Format of Wiki.

Nevertheless, if the disk was initialized to GPT, we will totally ignore the hard disk size restrict, as a result of it can be as much as 9.4ZB or 9.four billion terabytes even if the disk makes use of 512B sector.

  Maximum Hard Drive Partition Size

There is a 32GB limit for FAT32 quantity. To be specific, you aren’t allowed to create an FAT32 partition bigger than 32GB or format a NTFS partition bigger than 32GB to FAT32 in Windows Disk Management. But luckily, Windows can mount a 2TB or even bigger FAT32 partition, and third get together partitioning software program is capable of create such a partition. Extra surprisingly, a large FAT32 partition might perform nicely.

For a NTFS partition, it can be very giant. Maximum NTFS quantity size = 2^64 allocation models, so the larger allocation unit is, the greater NTFS partition is. At present, the largest allocation unit for NTFS and FAT32 is 64Okay, so the maximum NTFS partition size is 2^64*64Okay. Nevertheless, in case your present allocation unit size prevents you from extending an present NTFS partition, you’ll be able to improve it without dropping knowledge to fix the problem. Detailed steps shall be shown soon.

  • Maximum Hard Drive Partition Quantity

When you initialize the disk to MBR, you’ll be able to create four main partitions at most. However in case you initialize it to GPT, you can also make up 128 volumes.

Learn how to Break Hard Drive Size Restrict in Windows 10/eight/7

If you want to use all area of the disk bigger than 2TB, you could initialize it to GPT or convert it to GPT (when knowledge have been saved). To create FAT32 partition bigger than 32GB or improve NTFS partition cluster size, it’s essential to make use of third social gathering program. To create more than 4 main partitions, you possibly can convert MBR to GPT or set considered one of main partitions as logical.

Listed here are How-to Tutorials.

Methods to Break 2TB Hard Disk Size Limit in Windows 10/8/7

To break this limit, please initialize or convert disk to GPT, and MiniTool Partition Wizard might assist do that with ease. Please obtain and install the freeware.

Although there are hard drive size limits in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and different Windows OS, we will break them in straightforward steps. If you wish to use all area of hard disks larger than 2TB, or hope to create FAT32 partitions larger than 32GB, or plan to create more than 4 main partitions, now attempt our methods out.

Then, launch it to get the essential window.

break 4 primary partitions limit windows 10

Should you haven’t initialized the hard disk, choose the disk and choose “Initialize to GPT Disk“. But if knowledge have been saved, please choose the disk and select “Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk“.

Eventually, click “Apply” button to make all modifications executed.

Once the disk is converted to GPT, you should use all hard disk area, not limited to 2TB.

Word: if you wish to convert a system disk (the disk installing Windows) from MBR to GPT, you could use MiniTool Partition Wizard 10, which can be released quickly. Comply with us on Google+ or Fb, or visit our website to get the latest product info.

In fact, it’s also possible to convert or initialize a disk to GPT utilizing Disk Administration:

Press on Win and R key to start out Run, and sort diskmgmt.msc to run Disk Administration. If this is a brand new hard disk, you’ll be requested to decide on MBR or GPT. Simply initialize your disk to GPT. But when the disk has been initialized, you’ll have to backup all necessary knowledge saved on this disk, then delete all present partitions, and convert it to GPT.

Obviously, utilizing Disk Management is not a clever selection to break the 2TB restrict when knowledge have been saved, and third-party partitioning device is higher.

Easy methods to Break Partition Size Limit in Windows 10/eight/7

As we know, FAT32 is supported by Windows, Mac OX X, Linux, and different methods, and some recreation machines like Xbox 360 and PlayStation acknowledge FAT partition only. Subsequently, there are a huge quantity of people that have to create a large FAT32 partition or format a big NTFS partition to FAT32.

In addition, many individuals want to extend cluster size of NTFS partition so as to enlarge the partition. However disappointingly, they should endure knowledge loss in the event that they employ Windows Format Utility.

However luckily, utilizing MiniTool Partition Wizard, you’ll be able to create a 2TB and even bigger FAT32 partition, or convert giant NTFS partition to FAT32 with out dropping knowledge. Furthermore, it is capable of improve cluster size with out knowledge loss, too.

Please obtain and set up the program to your pc.

Then, launch the program to get its important interface:

break partition size limit 1

To create a FAT32 partition bigger than 32GB, please select an unallocated area and select “Create Partition” function. To transform NTFS to FAT32, please choose the NTFS partition and select “Convert NTFS to FAT“. To enlarge cluster size, please select the partition and choose “Change Cluster Size“. Right here, we take creating FAT32 partition for instance.

break partition size limit 2

Then, specify the size, location, label, drive letter, partition sort, and different info for this new partition.

break partition size limit 3

Now we will see a 60GB FAT32 partition is created, so please click on “Apply” button to carry out this alteration.

Learn how to Break four Main Partitions Restrict in Windows 10/8/7

To interrupt this limit, you can too use MiniTool Partition Wizard.

And you’ve got 2 decisions.

Choice 1: Initialize or Convert Disk o GPT
For detailed steps to initialize or convert a disk to GPT, please go to The right way to Break 2TB Hard Disk Size Restrict in Windows 10/eight/7. You possibly can create as much as 128 partitions on a GPT disk in Windows.

Choice 2: Set One in every of Main Partitions Logical
Setting considered one of four main partitions to be logical will create an extended partition where a lot of logical drives could possibly be created, and MiniTool Partition Wizard may help you do this without knowledge loss.

break 2TB hard disk size limit

Select certainly one of main partitions and choose “Set Partition as Logical” function. We highly recommend altering the hard drive partition which has plenty of unused area to logical, and it must be a standard knowledge partition slightly than Windows system partition and boot partition.

Finally, click “Apply” button to make all modifications carried out.

As soon as a logical partition is made, you possibly can create plenty of logical partitions by taking free area from this partition.

After understanding methods to break the hard drive size limit, perhaps some of you’re also fascinated with why there are such limits. Please maintain reading to get what you need.

Why There Is Maximum Hard Drive Size Restrict in Windows 10/eight/7

We have now stated partitioning scheme rules the maximum hard disk size and partition quantity, and file system impacts the maximum partitions size. But how does these 2 gadgets generate such limits?

Listed here are answers.

Why There Is 2TB or 16TB Restrict for Hard Disk Size

As we all know, capability of a hard disk = the number of logical sectors within the gadget × the size of every logical sector, and a computer system requires bits of data to characterize sector quantities. The partitioning scheme used by most trendy Windows-based computers is MBR (grasp boot report), which units a limit of 32 for the variety of bits which are obtainable to characterize the variety of logical sectors. Subsequently, the maximum hard disk size is 2^32 * sector size.

If the sector size is 512 byte, then the maximum hard disk size = 2^32*512 byte = 2,199,023,255,552 byte = 2TB.

If the sector size is 4K native, then the hard disk size limit = 2^32*4k = 16TB.

Nevertheless, the GPT partitioning scheme units the restrict for the number of bits out there to symbolize the variety of logical sectors to 64, so maximum size for GPT disk is 2^64*512B (9.4EB) or 2^64*4k, which might be very giant.

Why There Is 32GB Limit for FAT32 Partition

Microsoft says:

“The maximum size of a hard drive partition depends on the file system used to format the partition. In Windows XP, the maximum possible number of clusters on a volume using the FAT32 file system is 268,435,445. With a maximum of 32 KB per cluster, this equates to a maximum disk size of approximately 8TB”

Hard drive partition size = the variety of clusters × cluster size (here we ignore area for File Allocation Desk because it is so little). So theoretically, a FAT partition may be very giant. However disappointingly, format utility built-in Windows 7,Windows eight, Windows 10, and other Windows OS limits FAT32 partition size to 32GB while third-party partitioning device might help create or format a very giant FAT32 partition.

Why There Is Hard Drive Partition Amount Restrict

We have now stated customers can solely create the maximum variety of four main partitions on an MBR disk and 128 partitions on a GPT disk, so it is the partitioning scheme that units the restrict.

MBR, specifically Grasp Boot Document, is composed of 3 elements, together with master boot code, disk signature, and the partition desk for the disk. An MBR partition desk is allocated with 64 bytes to carry entries of main partition, and one partition entry uses 16 bytes. Consequently, MBR partition table can maintain the maximum number of 4 entries, which suggests it represents 4 main partitions at most.

Nevertheless, on a GPT disk, the partition desk header defines the quantity and size for partition entries. EFI requires the minimum of 16,384 bytes for partition table, and each entry uses 128 byte. Subsequently, a GPT partition desk can maintain 16,384 ÷ 128 = 128 entries, which suggests you’ll be able to create as much as 128 partitions on a GPT disk beneath Windows.


Though there are hard drive size limits in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and other Windows OS, we will break them in straightforward steps. If you want to use all area of hard disks larger than 2TB, or hope to create FAT32 partitions larger than 32GB, or plan to create greater than 4 main partitions, now attempt our strategies out.